Monthly "Field Notes" Newsletter

This newsletter has been produced since the group's inception. It is available monthly for members and contains trip reports, observations andanecdotes from members, and is an invaluable local information resource. Join the Society to get the latest copy!

Dubbo Birds in Backyards Poster

This poster was produced by DFNCS for distribution to Dubbo residents. It aims to raise the community profile of urban and semi-urban bird species in the area, including threatened species. Supported by the Birds in Backyards organisation, Birdlife Australia, Australian Museum, and sponsored by the (then) Central West CMA with brochure distribution assistance from Dubbo Regional Council.

Dubbo Birds in Backyards Planting list

A list of suitable plants to attract birds in the Dubbo area.

Flora List of the Dubbo Area and Central Western Slopes

A list of all species known to occur within 50km of Dubbo. Prepared by Janis Hosking for the Dubbo Field Naturalists in 2012.

Bird List of the Dubbo Area

Members of the DFNCS maintain a definitive list of bird species seen in the Dubbo area. Last updated September 2022.

Birds of the Dubbo Area Checklist

A checklist to help people keep records of birds they see in the Dubbo area.

Birds of Macquarie River, Dubbo

A flier with information about the birds you'll see when walking along the Macquarie River in Dubbo.

Glossy Black-Cockatoo Brochure

This brochure was prepared by the Society in 2022 in partnership with the NSW Government and funded by the NSW Environmental Trust. It aims to assist in the conservation of this local cockatoo species. It includes recommendations for landholders and contact details to report sightings.

The Dubbo Region - A Natural History

(DFNCS 1984) Now out of print, this book was written to provide information on the Natural history of the Dubbo region. Copies are accessible in the Macquarie Regional Library collections

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